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Ventilation system for industries

Natural ventilation system

Gravent Ventilation System

GRAVENT is a system designed natural ventilation system for Industry. GRAVENT at its simplest, is a weathered “hole in the roof” free from rain ingress and wind back draft. Its performance is predictable, and we stand by our “Ventilation System Design” for performance.

Gravent ventilators can be used to achieve natural ventilation in industrial buildings. This involves air movement induced by pressure differentials between the inside and outside of the building. The pressure differentials are caused by a temperature difference, which creates the “Stack Effect” and the external wind blowing around the building. The height of the building and the sensible heat gain from various sources contribute to the temperature difference.


We specialise in designing ventilation systems customised to each project’s requirements. Our expertise in this area has been developed over thirty years of experience, allowing us to predict the performance of the Gravent accurately ventilation system.

The Gravent natural ventilators are static and create an all-weather roof opening while minimising friction losses through the ventilator. They are available on traditional and low-profile designs, with the latter imposing minimal loads on the roof structure, allowing them to be fitted to any roof sheet and structure.

Low Profile Ventilation

Cross Section View

Ventilation System

Ridge Ventilators

Ventilation System 2

Cross Section View

Ventilation System Drawing
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